Hey there ! I’m Daniela – @danpasini, accountant by day and blogger by night. I’ll be sharing this blog with my lovely husband Roger – Together we are happy to share our wonderful moments.

I’m originally from Lavinia, Brazil. I grew up in my grandparent’s farm surrounded with coffee trees, onions, sugar cane, cotton and animals everywhere. I had a such beautiful childhood eating fresh fruit from the trees, swimming in the lake and fishing (my passion).

Daniela and mother fishing in Brazil

Ever since I was a little girl, I have deeply in my heart, the spirit of adventure, travel and cooking. I remember exploring the farm walking around and discovering new things every day. I remember the afternoons going to the lake and catching fresh fish for dinner. I can still remember the smell of coffee beans being roasted by my grandmother under the figs trees.

And I am lucky enough to still having those special moments with my family whenever I go back and visit them in Brazil.

Hello I’m Roger – @roger_uk. People say that I am a enthusiastic and passionate person, whenever I go I just love to experiment, try, see, talk and learn about everything.

I came from a city called Goiania, exactly (well almost) in the middle of Brazil. Family of mum and dad plus a brother and a sister and of course, in recent years a nephew.

Basicly with a massive influence of my father’s work and moving around from town to town I developed this desire to go and visit places.


With the influence of my grandfather while visiting him in his little farm every weekend, I become fan of natural organic grow your own vegetables and fruits. As well as fish tank, he had it all there, with little school hours, with his experienced life, I considered him a wise-inspiring person.

My mother has influenced me as well by loving and caring for people and respect to others.

At the end of my teens, I just wanted to go out and discover the world, It’s a long story but after a while I end-up in UK.

This is where most of the stories here I want to tell, right when I was completely lost and met Daniela and our true life story begins.

Roger and I have been together for 14 years. Loads of laughs and tears (more laughs than tears:) ) Since we met we’ve divided our time between Brazil and England. Our current address is in Leeds, North of England. We are at the door steps from Yorkshire Dales National Park, which has some of the most spectacular scenery and countryside in the UK, there is plenty of places to walk (our passion).

Back in Brazil as well as our family, we have two beautiful dogs, Jhow and Love, which by the way we miss them a lot. I mean a lot.

Luv she is so passionate about food just like us. Friendly and easy going with everyone, but jealous if anyone approach Jhow.

Jhow e Luv16

Jhow, if you could call a dog a wise dog, this would be the one. He is so calm and has personality. In contrary with Luv.

jhow - @spicymalagueta

Here are them both in one of our walks, which by the way we have to be careful as they are not prepared for long distances we both usually go for.

jhow and luv in itaparica - @spicymalagueta

So, jump in and enjoy all our memories, adventure, images, ups and downs from places where we lived, visited, food we eat, cooked with marvellous people we met, became friends and now is part of this global family with a multicultural experience and all sort of language, and sometimes even lost in translation, every time we put everyone together in same roof. It’s fun and is like living a real intense life.