Puff Pastry Stuffed With Feta Cheese, Spinach and Tomatoes

The Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once said – “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. So we do it, start with the very first step and change our way, our world, our living for better. Daniela wanted to make something healthier to eat in the middle of the week evening, something quick and easy to make. If by any chance last for left overs we could take to work next day. So it was decided to make a puff pastry, with some feta cheese, fresh spinach and cherry tomatoes. Is just so simple to make, you...
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Inspirations From Bakery 164

Whenever we go out for a day trip walk or hiking in the countryside, these are the secret energy we use half-way through the walk when we sit down to enjoy the scenery and get ready for the half-way back. Those sandwiches are relatively easy to make and is all inspired by the famous Bakery 164 up in headingley near the Leeds University from our friend Richard. Those are not near as good as the original ones but the combination is great and fulfills anyone having an outdoor walk like we do. Meatballs in Neapolitan Sauce Italian polpeta (meatballs) with...
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Rhubarb Crumble

I was given some Rhubarbs last week by Kate Mosses at work, beautifully cultivated by her family in nearby York region, in the heart of Yorkshire. Believe or not, I have been living in Leeds for 15 years and in past few years in Morley and have never cooked or baked using Rhubarb. So, it was a nice experimental weekend. I’m not going to tell the whole history of Rhubarb, just what I have heard so far, which is a fruit, others call it a vegetable, above all, there are several ways of making nice deserts using this celery look...
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Cookies and Cream Oreo Fudge Brownies Recipe

Cookies and Cream Oreo Fudge Brownies Recipe At work, we have received some colleagues from Vietnam to gain team engagement and knowledge transfer while working on a Software development project. Stayed for 2 months with us and while visiting them 3 made quite a few friends cross departments and one of our colleagues brought a home made chocolate brownie with oreo biscuits dipped in. I have never had it before back in Brazil, and we absolutely loved. So we rushed home and made a version. It worked quite well and here’s the findings. Hope you get inspired and make your...
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Hoje é dia da Panqueca – Pancake Day

Acho que devem estar se perguntando dia da Panqueca!? Pois é, aqui na Inglaterra e também em outros países de língua Inglesa comemoram o Dia da Panqueca conhecido como Terça-Feira Gorda, dia em que antecede a Quarta-Feira de Cinzas.   A tradição de comer panqueca é dada pelo fato de conter ingredientes que se consideram  proibidos de consumir no período da Quaresma como – leite,ovos, farinha e açucar. Esse dia é marcado por eventos em todo o Reino Unido. E nada melhor que a ocasião para fazer minhas primeiras panquecas – Essa receita é mole, mole, de fazer, nada muito complicado, como sou...
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Stromboli – Focaccia Recheado com Mozzarella e Tomates

Focaccia – pão Italiano achatado, com a textura e estilo similar a massa de pizza. Me apresentaram o tal Focaccia logo no meu primeiro ano de Inglaterra, depois das aulas de inglês, trabalhava meio periodo na Bakery 164, como ”Sandwich Maker”. Um café com influência nas cozinhas Italiana e do Oriente Médio. Tudo produzido lá mesmo. Os pães focaccia e ciabatta são feitos na noite anterior, pela manhã da pra sentir o cheiro dos pães pronto para serem usados.  –  muito azeite, azeitonas (Kalamatas), cebola vermelha, alecrim e sal grosso por cima… Esta receita tirei do Livro Italian Home Baking by Gino D’Acampo chef italiano bem...
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Risotto com Chorizo

Essa é a Francesca (Mas se auto nomeou como Kika), filha de nossos amigos Giacomo e Nerilda, vocês estarão vendo ela por aqui nas fotos e videos. Ela está sempre participando das aventuras do tio Jhow-Jhow (como ela me chama). Vamos fazer um Risotto, confiram o video, mas um pouco antes veja só o que aconteceu. Daniela e Nerilda estavam costurando, decidiram fazer uma almofada no formato de maçã, me pediram para ajudar no molde, veja só, eu nem sei que isso, mas como gosto de desenhar, e faço de conta que sei, acabei fazendo. Acabaram fazendo a almofada, só que...
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Ciabatta Bread by Bakery 164

Who likes a good Ciabatta Bread? A good Italian Ciabatta bread is chewy exterior and soft crumb speckled with air holes. Is made in a way that you can almost eat on its own. This is how I feel since I worked at Bakery 164 in Leeds, near the Leeds University. I have good memories from this place. In my time served here, I had the pleasure to meet great people, with a mix ranging from Cypriots, Greeks, Brazilians, Iranians and many others. I had a great time. It was just a decade ago. I still have to go back, have...
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Beef Stew With Cassava

Friends coming over for dinner and of course asking for a taste of Brazil. Thinking of the restrictions due to religion beliefs we had to tick pork out, so no authentic feijoada this time. What could we cook that represent Brazil and we could use halal meat? Well after a few days going through recipe book and many Brazilian food blogs I decided to cook a very simple dish, common around Brazil “Carne de Panela” (Beef Stew With Cassava) served with boiled Rice and slow cooked Beans. Beef Stew With Cassava, is great, first of all we can use cassava,...
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How to Peel Cassava [Mandioca]

You want to cook some cassava but have no idea how to peel it. See some images below showing how to peel cassava.     Cut into pieces as per image below.     Use a medium / small knife and cut deep enough to go through the outer layer.     Then with the knife lied along with the cut, lift the and slide, lift and slide, all the way until the end, the skin should come off easily.     This is how to peel cassava. Watch the video. Watch the Video2

Brazilian Authentic Feijoada

Often people ask me what is the most authentic Brazilian food. There are many unique food but Feijoada is without a doubt on top of the list. Feijoada is black beans stew with smoked sausages, ribs, bacon and beef which takes a full day to prepare, normally eating over the weekend and when friends gather together and spend the time talking, cooking, drinking and eating. It is rich in flavor, well recommended over the weekend, to give it time to settle. So, this is what we just did cook this weekend. With some ingredients we bought from local supermarket, some...
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Strawberry Jam – Pick Your Own

Our friends, Jurgita and Ibrahim, invited us to pick strawberries, as we never experienced this before we thought it would be fun. We live in Morley for almost 2 years, and we didn’t know of this location right next to our doorstep. A farm whose grows strawberries, and that we could even go and pick our own. We’ve spent a nice time talking and collecting those strawberries, I didn’t know there are several varieties of strawberries – Elsanta, Driscoll Camarillo, Ava, English Rose, Eve’s Delight, Jubilee, Sonata, Red Princess, Sweet Eve, Red Glory, Evie and Driscoll Jubilee, is amazing how...
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