Pinto Bean Soup With Chili – Caldo de Feijão

It would be a dream think about the possibility of write what you think, all about the positive stuff, gather friends together, cook, listen to some lounge music from web stream Radio Paradise and talk about the adventures while looking through some past photos. Cooking is that thing which bring people together and contemplate all the goodness received from the universe. I like to cook, but love to see what Daniela comes up with her weekly research on those 12 or more cooking books she has in her shelf (I’m planning to write a review of them), I like the...
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Orange Cake Turned Out a Chocolate Cake

The original plan was to bake an orange cake, but it turn out to be a chocolate cake. How did this happened?!? I’m not the most talkative person in the world. When it comes to talk I am quite shy, in my current job, I work as clerk accounts in a large courier company and it is the most quite department of them all, that doesn’t help much, I’d say. 😉 Since I wanted to be part of the team and get more talkative, seen them all talking about baking, food and sweets I thought bake a cake would be...
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Lock Your Computer When You Walk Away and Bake a Cake

How to bake a cake when you walk away from your computer and leave screen unlocked. It is a good security practice to lock your computer screen when you walk away from it. Specially when is a common practice to send email from your computer to cross the floor, if any of your colleagues see it, saying messages that you probably would never say and send to everyone in the office loves and loads of kisses.   My good friend (not anymore) Tom, has done just that. 😉 The treat, of course is food, generally doughnuts or sweets, but a happy guy...
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Back to England With a Toad in a hole to Celebrate

We have been planing to have our own blog about food for some time now and since we migrated back to England where we’ve been living for more than a decade, we thought to give a kick start and finally have our own very first post. Cook is something that we enjoy doing for yourself, family and friends gatherings, it doesn’t matter the time of the years and place, the important is to have something simple and enjoyable. Here in our home Yorkshire, Leeds to be more precisely, is a place that has beautiful countryside with loads of places to...
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