Inspirations From Bakery 164

Whenever we go out for a day trip walk or hiking in the countryside, these are the secret energy we use half-way through the walk when we sit down to enjoy the scenery and get ready for the half-way back. Those sandwiches are relatively easy to make and is all inspired by the famous Bakery 164 up in headingley near the Leeds University from our friend Richard. Those are not near as good as the original ones but the combination is great and fulfills anyone having an outdoor walk like we do. Meatballs in Neapolitan Sauce Italian polpeta (meatballs) with...
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Rhubarb Crumble

I was given some Rhubarbs last week by Kate Mosses at work, beautifully cultivated by her family in nearby York region, in the heart of Yorkshire. Believe or not, I have been living in Leeds for 15 years and in past few years in Morley and have never cooked or baked using Rhubarb. So, it was a nice experimental weekend. I’m not going to tell the whole history of Rhubarb, just what I have heard so far, which is a fruit, others call it a vegetable, above all, there are several ways of making nice deserts using this celery look...
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Cookies and Cream Oreo Fudge Brownies Recipe

Cookies and Cream Oreo Fudge Brownies Recipe At work, we have received some colleagues from Vietnam to gain team engagement and knowledge transfer while working on a Software development project. Stayed for 2 months with us and while visiting them 3 made quite a few friends cross departments and one of our colleagues brought a home made chocolate brownie with oreo biscuits dipped in. I have never had it before back in Brazil, and we absolutely loved. So we rushed home and made a version. It worked quite well and here’s the findings. Hope you get inspired and make your...
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Ciabatta Bread by Bakery 164

Who likes a good Ciabatta Bread? A good Italian Ciabatta bread is chewy exterior and soft crumb speckled with air holes. Is made in a way that you can almost eat on its own. This is how I feel since I worked at Bakery 164 in Leeds, near the Leeds University. I have good memories from this place. In my time served here, I had the pleasure to meet great people, with a mix ranging from Cypriots, Greeks, Brazilians, Iranians and many others. I had a great time. It was just a decade ago. I still have to go back, have...
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Brazilian Authentic Feijoada

Often people ask me what is the most authentic Brazilian food. There are many unique food but Feijoada is without a doubt on top of the list. Feijoada is black beans stew with smoked sausages, ribs, bacon and beef which takes a full day to prepare, normally eating over the weekend and when friends gather together and spend the time talking, cooking, drinking and eating. It is rich in flavor, well recommended over the weekend, to give it time to settle. So, this is what we just did cook this weekend. With some ingredients we bought from local supermarket, some...
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